Heizen mit HolzIt is our pleasure to introduce you with a unique and well structured directory “Holzhaus”. We at Holzhaus give you a chance to experience the nature all around you by offering reliable and professional solutions. We aim to make your dream come true of an extraordinary long-lasting home of beauty and strength with woods and timbers.

Whether you want to construct or reconstruct, refurbish or re-establish, you may make the most of our smart way out for your individual building concept. The timber page of Holzhaus contains necessary information about wooden houses, log cabins, garden houses, Zimmerein, timber frames, and joinery suppliers as well as manufacturers. Each and every listing has necessary data including pictures, logos, company links, and address details for your ease. In other words, our clear and well structured directory gives you direct means of access to the desired manufacturer. It is interesting to know that now you can check different offers given by the registered companies. You may also take a professional advice on the different versions and variants, cost associated with the purchase or sale of a wooden house.

Our built-in search function enables every user to promptly and proficiently find details about companies related to timber, wood, log cabin, garden shed, carpentry, conservatories, wooden balconies, timber frame construction, wooden fences, loft conversions, interior design, table design, wooden windows, wooden doors, wood floors, wooden stairs, and a lot more. This exclusive search engine related to wood and timber construction not only saves your time but money too.

Apart from this you may find Austrian, German, American, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Canadian, and Swedish wooden houses of different models with a unique combination of your needs and desires along with creative architecture matching your lifestyle. As we are the only one to understand that building your home is a substantial investment.

We welcome your inquiries and feedback both as an individual or collective. For further queries you may write an e-mail to us or you may use our request service. http://www.holzhaus.at – All around the building with wood. Our request service may provide you details regarding companies or any corporate data within a very short period of time.

Holzhaus is everything about timber and timber….‼


HolzhausHolzhaus houses are the oldest construction systems since a long time. However they are no more treated as an ancient way of constructing houses but have become a trend. Many modern customers are looking forward to build wooden houses due to its various advantages. It is no different from any other material in matters of risk taking if a fire breaks out or in heating and insulation system. It looks very elegant and modern builders have many ways and designs of building them. Wood provides a calm atmosphere and its thermal insulation and humidity control makes Holzhaus houses very comfortable to live in.

The portal Holzhaus.at provides solution to any wood related queries. It provides information on various kinds of wood and timber as well as different construction styles and designs for customers who are interested in building a new house. The site provides information on log houses from Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Denmark and many other countries. It also has information on various prices on the Holzhaus houses. It provides solutions and information on all the various aspects of wooden construction right from balconies, garden shed, woodworking and many more.

Today there are many wood heating equipments in the market and through the use of these equipments wood could be burned clean and smoke-free. Heizen mit holz contributes to climate protection in many ways. Nowadays, heizen mit holz could be done with higher efficiency, automatic ash removal, automatically controlled option and many more. The portal provides all the information regarding heating with wood. The various heating equipments are Firewood equipment, woodchips, pelletsheizungen and stove. If the viewers have any queries they can mail to www.holzhaus.at and get detailed information on any query. The portal assists you in building a wooden house of your choice and according to your own preference.

People living in Holzhaus houses feel more comfortable as it keeps the people warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also an economical choice for alternative building material. If built with good designs and taken proper care of they would provide safety and comfort for many years. The portal provides registered companies and helps find contacts with dealers, manufactures and suppliers of various materials related to the construction of wooden houses. It has a list of various construction companies such as Bayern Block, Baufritz GmbH & Co. k.g, eb Massif Germany GmbH and many more good companies.

Holzhaus – the one-stop-shop for furniture

Heizen mit HolzIf you are looking for exquisite furniture for your drawing room, kitchen and bed room, if you have a passion for prolific designs and a deep sense of finesse, Holzhaus is the place you should be. Holzhaus takes care of your kitchen needs in a most satisfactory manner. If you are man of style and royal taste, you can order your stuff from Holzhaus.

Imbued with a passion for perfection and a craving for excellence, a group of stylish entrepreneurs started the online project that caters today to the diverge tastes of the people of different countries. If you are looking for the top class Bedroom Sets, mattresses, Vanities, Linens, Bedroom Sets, Tri-fold Mirror, Egyptian Cotton Bed linen set, Amish Quilts, Bamboo Bedding, Bedroom Sets, Holzhaus is the address you should head to. Holzhaus offers the top quality product at the most affordable price. So, your desire to own a world-class mattress is only a click of the mouse away.

If you are planning to start your new venture, you may choose from a wide variety of dazzling designs. You may order furniture such as magnificent Manhattan, beautiful Banbury, resplendent Roosevelt, Cary House and spectacular Signature for your office. Some of the office products that Holzhaus offers include Office Desk Sets, Chairs, Desk Chair, Office Chair, Side Chair, Custom Office Sets, Custom Work Stations, Custom Conference Tables, Custom Reception Desks, Custom Reception Desks,

If you are looking for the top class real wood furniture, visit the site Holzhaus. You will be offered better than the best product. These products are marked by durability and affordability. For the past many years, Holzhaus has been offering thousands of quality products to a vast number of customers. It knows the tastes of the people, what they like and what they don’t. Products are customized so as to suit the tastes of the buyers.

The group is known for their honesty and integrity and people have continuously shown their faith on Holzhaus. Once you order your furniture from Holzhaus, you will love to do so in future also. You can’t stop loving its products.

Own an elegant range of furniture

HolzhausHolzhaus is the brand that is here to solve all your furniture problems in a most effective manner. If you are searching for Heizen mit Holz (Wood Heating) for your Nature ancestral homes, if you are willing to buy online the best quality Balconies, wooden balconies for your new home, come to Holzhaus. And you will have a wide range of excellent products for interior decoration. Your needs for room decoration has got a new address in the form of Holzhaus.

It offers affordable yet world class furniture that speaks the language of comfort. The group understands the taste of the customers. These products are being specially made with a view to yield the maximum luxury to the users. These products are good not only for your body but also for interior decoration. The group offers exquisite furniture for your drawing room, bed room and kitchen. These products will best match for your status. They are mark of luxury and comfort.

Holzhaus is the single shop for your entire gamut of furniture products. Holzhaus will help you decorate your home with the best products. Holzhaus will provide you all the amenities for your Nature ancestral homes. You can fit your balconies with the best quality wooden balconies. Marked with the marvelous designs and exquisite finesse, these wooden balconies will turn your home into a real palace.

These wooden balconies are marked by durability and they will withstand the wears and tears of time. You can also fit Heizen mit Holz devices in your home. The beauty of a house is reflected through its furniture. They add charm to the room. These furniture also need to be properly arranged so that the room looks neat and clean.

Interior decoration is key for turning your simple room into a royal palace. Magnificence of your room gets reflected in the way you manage your interior decoration. But for attractive interior decoration, you need the best furniture products so as to suit your taste.

Interior decoration also reflects your personality. As a person enters your room, he or she will have a first impression about your personality. This first impression is very important since in many cases the first impression about a person may become the last impression. So arrange your beautiful furniture in such a way that they give a healthy impression about your personality.

After day’s work when you enter your room, you feel so relaxed and comfortable that you almost forget about the entire day’s hectic schedule, workload. It is thanks to your habit of keeping the room tidy and neat. And no doubt to keep your room neat and clean you have to pay lot of attention and care on interior decoration with finer wooden furniture bought online from Holzhaus.

Elegance has a new address

Heizen mit HolzAre you looking the top class kitchen and office furniture? Are you searching the most reliable site for your kitchenware and top class Balconies, wooden balconies and similar wooden furniture?

For decades, Holzhaus has been one of the most trusted names for decorative furniture and other wooden products. If you are looking for Heizen mit Holz for your Nature ancestral homes, if you are searching for Balconies and wooden balconies, you will get the best products here.

Holz Haus will provide you exactly the same product that you have been dreaming of for years. It provides wings to your imagination and help you translate your dreams into reality. Its Amish Furniture is fully customized to suit the taste of the people. You have the luxury of opting out of as many as 7 varieties of wooden species. You may select from over 30 different stains and color treatments. That’s not all. You can actually choose the dimensions!

Holz Haus has designers who will help you create the perfect piece. Holz Haus works with wood species such as Oak, Cherry, Quarter Sawn Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Light Mahogany and Dark Mahogany.

Holz Haus provides furniture with mortice and tenon construction that are truly world class and highly durable. It also makes use of English Dovetail technique in its furniture. Such technique gives the products much longer life. Quality remains intact for years after years. If you are quality-conscious you should go for Holz Haus furniture. All the furniture products are designed to retain the elegance of the product. A prolific finish is the hallmark of the products at Holz Haus. All the products are manufactured using the state-of-the-art technique. These techniques give a longer life to the products.

So no doubt while opting for Holz Haus furniture, you will invest your money in a worthwhile venture. Your investment will be paid back in due course. These products are marked by a high degree of elegance and durability. And these products will add sparks to your home and you will feel the difference after decorating your room with these products.


HolzhausWooden houses look very pretty and very elegant with beautiful wooden balconies. A beautiful house is every person’s dream and everyone wants his house to be very comfortable and attractive. They are also very eco-friendly and keeps the house warm in winter and cool in summers. Wood is the oldest building material and it has many advantages. Wooden houses are very energy efficient as wood binds carbon dioxide from the air and is a renewable resource.

www.holzhaus.at is a website which offers all the information relating to the construction of a wooden house. Many aspects should be taken into consideration while building a wooden house and all the answers to the various queries could be found in the website. The site has given a list of a number of companies which offers service related to the construction of a wooden house. It has information on a number of fields such as balconies, wooden balconies, heating with wood, blockhouse, carpots and many more.

People who are interested in the construction of a wooden house can very well visit the site and collect the contact details of the various companies. It also has a list of such companies engaged in the work of wooden balconies and by visiting the homepage of these companies one could find out all the details that one might need. Interested people can also directly mail to the site for any balconies related query. Different kinds of wooden balconies can be created according to the taste of the customers. They could be simple elegant ones or beautiful decorative ones. A balcony enhances the beauty of a house and is an integral part of any house being it concrete or wooden.

Wooden houses are generally built in the earthquake and land slide prone areas so as to cause less damage to life and property. We are also most likely to find wooden houses in the cold countries. But, with the change of time wooden houses have become more of a style statement and nowadays, anyone who fancies a wooden house can make one built for them. The site also has information relating to nature ancestral home and can find timber companies who specialize in natural ancestral home. Many wooden house construction companies have set up all over the world and coming away from the traditional reasons of building a wooden house, one can get a wooden house anywhere in the world. The portal provides information on some companies such as Bavern Block, Finnland Block, Baufritz and many more.